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August 11 2017


i dont usually quote paris hilton, but she did once say, “If somebody ever asks you to do somethingdo it really bad so you never have to do it again” and this advice has never failed me


Do you know what always gets me about early Danny Phantom?

Danny never cared if his enemies knew his secret. On the other hand, he cared immensely about his parents knowing his secret. Not because it would put them in danger but because they would judge and/or hurt him.

I mean can we take a moment to talk about that?

It’s the complete opposite of most superhero stories.

You usually keep your identity a secret from all of your enemies so that they can’t ever hurt you and you reveal it to the ones you love because you trust them and know that they will support you and love you. But Danny did the exact opposite. He trusted the villains more than his own parents.

He trusted the villains more than his own parents!

And it’s really a shame that Butch Hartman’s passion has gone so far downhill that he’s now ranting about Vlad getting help from the aliens.

Because there was a time when he showed a set of parents that were so misguided and even downright abusive that their son would rather trust a group of villains with everything that was important to him.

And that alone is a phenomenal dynamic with so much potential. Which is what made early Danny Phantom so great in the first place.

(Note: It’s not that Jack and Maddie were abusive to Danny Fenton but as I said in another post a few months ago, their constant antagonism towards Danny Phantom in the first two seasons really cemented the theme that Danny thought he would be legitimately hurt if he were to reveal his secret. It’s not just a theory. It was downright implied and even stated by Danny himself. He couldn’t reveal his secret because his father would “tear him apart molecule by molecule”. On the other hand, he never had a problem talking about it to Vlad now, did he? Just saying.)

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August 10 2017


better concept: necromancers wearing heelies under their robes to achieve that Creepy Glide™


*wears pajamas all day* *showers at 10:30 pm* *changes into new pajamas*

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Slightly different adoption

what a good and wholesome post

August 09 2017

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Aquatic Watercolor Paintings by Rachel Tyler

Creator of The Colorful Cat Studio, Rachel Tyler graduated with a BS in Art Education from Messiah College. Now a full-time artist, she embraces every opportunity to seek inspiration and beauty in life. She loves to use watercolour due to its versatile and ethereal sensibility. She says,

“The most beautiful washes and blooms come about when you give more control to the movement of the water. I find freedom and calm in painting as it allows me to wander. Green is my absolute favorite color. Sap green and phthalo green almost always work their way into each of my paintings. My inspiration comes from nature. I like to study and recreate the gorgeous masterpieces found in the sea and sky.”

Find her work in her Etsy shop.

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i will never,,, in all the remaining years of my life,,, forget the classic lie as to harry james potter looking snape dead straight in the eyes and saying roonil wazlib was his nickname


Is it just me or do other people get homesick from books? Like, you miss the comforting feel of the characters, the fandom, and the world created by the author?

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Women: You always talk over me and-

Man: That literally never happens


I can’t wait for the day a woman’s strength isn’t dictated by how much abuse she can endure


life gets so much better when you realize you can literally do whatever the fuck you want if you dont care what anyone thinks about you

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i want to be given verbal encouragement by a dog who speaks in a deep otherworldly voice 

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Holy shit, why am I only now remembering The Hex Girls from Scooby-Doo?

Witches?? In a rock’n’roll??? Girl band????!!

August 08 2017


me: i literally couldnt care less about what people think about me

also me: 


“so you’re a witch now?” she asked.

“yeah,” i said.

“so what do you do?”

i stopped and thought for a moment. 

“mostly,” i said honestly, “i just hope really hard.”


people who put video tutorials online for literally everything are the backbone of this society i would be nowhere without the comfort that whenever i don’t know how to do something painfully simple i can look it up like i bet i could look up ‘how to preheat the oven’ and there’d be endless videos and i never have to look like a complete idiot again. thank you all for saving my life 


good thing tumblr isnt on the level of other social media websites because I cant imagine a future employer diving into this hellhole after receiving my resume


“how did your internet addiction start”


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