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it makes me sad that so many witches are seeing the community as being part of a “trend” and trying to decide who is or isnt a “real witch”

being a witch to be part of a trend isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even if its true. more people are joining the community, and exploring magic. some people dont even practice magic, they just take pictures of themselves in witchy clothes for aesthetic purposes. but that isnt bad!!!!!

people have been dressing up as witches for centuries but recently its been giving our community a better look because people are losing the idea that witch=old hag with green skin and warts. now, witch=cute, smart, interesting, and, well, magical. its fun, and as a witch myself, i love it. it makes me proud to be a witch.

i just wish that more witches were open to the community growing. we’re becoming stronger as a whole. witches are still looked down on by many (namely christians), but its easier now more than ever to be open about our practice.

witches becoming a “trend” isnt hurting our community. i think more than anything, its helping.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be witchy, even if you aren’t sure if you want to commit to being A Witch™ as long as you aren’t trying to say being witchy is a bad thing! That’s what the old green skinned warty hag costume was saying and it got on my nerves a bit, but do you know what the new witchy fashion trend has done for my wardrobe?! It literally makes me look good, as well as helping to bring us from the fringes of society back into our rightful, normal place in everyday society.

Dress however makes you happy, lovelies ❤ your witchy ascetic isn’t hurting anything, and if any of my followers are ascetic blogs, you’re totes welcome here 😄

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