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Things That Are Important: removing the awful societal stigma surrounding vaginas, vulvas, uterus, the whole nine yards down there, the things that are SO ignored that the vast majority of MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS will blow off and ignore them because who cares, right?

Things That Need To Die: defining our entire FUCKING gender and our entire political movements around fucking genitalia. Stop excluding trans women, NB people, intersex, all because you’ve turned a “fight the stigma” idea into a toxic vagina-obsessed hateful movement that not only EXCLUDES plenty of women, but actively HARMS and ATTACKS them.

My womanhood is not defined by ANYTHING in my pants. Nothing. Not a goddamn thing. If a fucking bomb went off right now and I lost the lower half of my body but still survived, I’D STILL BE A WOMAN. Vagina or not. Boobs or not.

You know who views women through a vagina-obsessed lens? Sexist men who put us in the position of needing to march for our rights in the first place. Stop supporting the same fucking thing.

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