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danny fenton:
-wears a shirt to the water park
-accidentally uses the womens restroom
-“i would tell you to use the mens room but i dont think you qualify”
-chest occasionally bulges in his ghost suit
-is a trans boy

reblog this make cis people mad that im “ruining their childhood”


stable clone of him was a younger girl named danni

  • the series is literally about him keeping his identity a secret from his parents, believing that if they found out they’d stop loving him as their child and even kill him.
  • said identity is only known by his closest friends and others in the “community”.
  • After his college-age sister accidentally walks in on him altering his appearance and thereby learns his identity, she becomes clumsily obsessed with protecting him and being an ally.
  • Sam was able to disguise herself as him effortlessly.

👏🏼Danny 👏🏼 fenton 👏🏼 is 👏🏼 trans 👏🏼

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