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June 26 2017

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Extra Cheddar

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My favorite thing about Victor Hugo is that the Notre Dame Cathedral was a huge eyesore on the verge of collapsing and was planned to be demolished but Victor Hugo was like “hey :( I like that building” and wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame to save it. and it worked

In the book he described the cathedral in the state it was in but also in comparison to what it looked like in the 15th century before it got all fucked up in the French Revolution. His book got translated into a fuck ton of languages and was distributed all around Europe. Tourists who were fans of him would go to see it while in Paris and were appalled to see just how bad of shape it was in and it started to become stain on paris’ reputation.

So finally the king funded the Hella expensive restoration which I imagine was one really fucking gnarly project, the structure it’s self being the tip of the ice burg because of how many religious artifacts and statutes and junk that had been ruined.

So thanks Vicky that’s one hell of a beautiful tower.

So you’re telling me that we still have the Notre Dame Cathedral because of fanfiction?


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Fuck they murdered him

I actually am so fascinated by the 180 Wendy’s has done with their social media etiquette. Like, who was the intern or entry level Social media person who slipped up and clapped back the first time? When the team realized that it made them more successful in terms of engagement and relevance, did the management team just go “You have permission to be an asshole within reason because memes”?

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me at 16 vs me at 20

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The reddest of all flags ladies and gentlemen


If your boyfriend, girlfriend, or even just an overly protective friend says anything like this to you in response to you going out, please dump them immediately. They will argue with you, they will be hurt that you don’t appreciate how much they care, they will have some reason you make them act like that, they may even have a sob story about being cheated on or having trust issues that makes you feel sorry for them or guilty. Don’t listen to any of it, and walk away immediately. They will absolutely go off the deep end and try to get you back with apologies and threats to you or themselves. Do not listen to it, tell people what’s going on, and cut off all contact. This is not loving, caring behaviour, this is dangerous manipulation.


This is emotional abuse


you know that straight “gay people don’t think or talk about being gay all the time!!” bullshit they use to justify why gay characters in media shouldn’t be visibly gay

i literally do think about being gay all the time

every time het culture is shoved in my face i think about being gay, every time i see a cute girl i think about being gay. every time someone talks about their love life or asks about mine i think about being gay. i think about it randomly when i space out and when i eat breakfast or go grocery shopping

if gay people aren’t visibly gay in front of you, i have news! you’re likely a homophobe and they don’t feel safe expressing their identity with you around!

June 07 2017

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Buzzfeed Unsolved + Text Post meme (1/?


omfg this is perfect

June 05 2017
















i was about to joke about how my political stance is “end lawnmower culture” but then it occurred to me that i actually Am against lawns as suburban status symbols and wastes of land that Could be used to sustain native flora & fauna and grow food for people, but no, instead they are these huge useless swaths of land that need Constant maintenance, the process of which is not only destructive, but Incredibly Loud

You know that actually is the purpose of a lawn? They started as a trend of the French monarchy - the ones revolutionaries beheaded for being self indulgent assholes.

It exists purely as a status symbol that says, “I have land but I don’t have to use it for anything productive. I can invest time, money and resources in maintaining an entirely useless crop on land I’m not farming just because it looks pretty.”

Lawns offend me.

Why have that stunted golf course in front of your suburban house if you can’t even water it? Get one of these instead.

Unite Against the Lawn

Pro tiny house, anti grass lawn. Prioritize practicality.

This is actually really interesting because back in the 1950s and 60s in Australia when we started getting large waves of Southern European migrants one thing the Italians and others would often so is buy a little suburban home, then tear out the ornamental flower beds and lawn and useless trees and plant fruits, vegetables, grapes and even olives. It was considered completely scandalous by their Anglo-Saxon neighbours because lawn was considered an aspirational thing and the ideal was to go from not needing a kitchen garden and having an ornamental garden to show how well you were doing.

This is great. All of it.
Not to derail this too much, but “Lawnmower” culture also reminds me of aggressively heterosexual men. Men ALWAYS will use mowing the lawn as a way to get out of doing all the other household chores – having a lawn that a man mows somehow makes maintaining everything else inside a house the women’s responsibility.
Down with lawnmower culture.

i’ve actually read a whole book on lawns and lawn culture (yes, really) it’s called lawn people by paul robbins check it out and let’s all boycott lawn culture together!!!

@hoaxtumbles I want a vegetable lawn 


I have never really thought about how lawns came to be like a standard thing but wow this makes sense. I hate mowing the lawn boycott all lawns

lawns actually cause a lot of habitat fragmentation for local wildlife and plants so fuck lawns

Article about biodiversity and how lawns are Not Good and plants you can grow to help

Video about the same!

This is so great.

Also, some of my neighbors have really big lawns and I mean really, and I think I was so baffled a few years ago that I asked one of them, “so what is a lawn for exactly?” and they said “Idk so my kids can play on it” but honey how many kids actually play on their front lawn I mean I have never seen a single youngling on that grass football field in front of your house


tbh i remember every nice anon ive ever gotten and like seriously they make me so happy like @anyone who has ever sent me a nice anon: i actually love u tbh

June 04 2017

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I read this out loud to boyfriend and he just went “ohhhhhhhhh” 

That’s fucking brilliant.

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Kanishtha Dhankar for Rashi Kapoor

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Sorry but that trim is sharrrrrrrrp

Is he even real??


That last one is literally tripping me the fuck out.

I can see from the unfinished part that it’s 2D but I CAN’T look at the rest of it and not see a full 3D human. Like there are are perfectly rendered and real SHADOWS on the wall behind them HOW is that not photoshopped??

I’m losing it.


The artist’s name is Kelvin Okafor!


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June 03 2017


when you think you’re at the bottom of the stairs but there’s one more step


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Man of the moment Keanu Reeves has shown his generosity by giving away £50 million of his earnings from the Matrix sequels. The 38-year-old decided to hand over the money to the unsung heroes of the sci-fi blockbusters - the costume and special effects teams.


Confirmed.  He’s also dumped millions into cancer research.  I really do love Keanu Reeves a lot.

Keanu Reeves is like the nicest person. He still lives in an apartment/flat and he gives most of his money away to charities and people who need it. He even invites some paparazzi people to sit down and eat with him when he’s at a coffee shop or restaurant. He’s such a nice person.

When I was working on the UWS, one of my delivery guys accidentally backed his scooter into a parked car in front of the restaurant. I went out to help, since the driver didn’t speak much English, and it turned out the car belonged to Keanu Reeves. He helped us pick the scooter up, and when I asked if we could exchange insurance information (because the front of the car was pretty banged up), he kept telling us not to worry about it and put his hand on the driver’s shoulder and said “I just want to make sure you’re okay, man. Are you okay?” And he was so sincere about it and so kind that I decided in that moment I would always defend Keanu Reeves at all costs. He is an excellent man.

I need to be more like Keanu Reeves because I’m evil compared to him.

“Next few centuries”

Keanu dropping hints that he is an immortal.

i love keanu reeves

My wife and I were dining at Nobu’s in Honolulu and sitting across from us was Keanu or at least I thought it was. We kept talking about whether it was him or not and finally, I decided to throw some old school Bill & Ted at him.

I stood up and threw my arms up into the motion of an air guitar, my wife is begging me to sit back down, and I pointed at the guy who may be Keanu Reeves, and said, “Most Excellent.”

He stood up and did it back at me. Then we both had a moment and pointed at each other. I sent him another of whatever it was he was drinking. It was a cucumber sake martini. That was the end of it.

Or so I thought.

He left before we finished our meal. By the time we were done, dessert came that we didn’t order. We thought, “oh, must be compliments of the chef.” Then the bill never came. When we asked for it, our waitress said Keanu Reeves took care of it.

IT WAS REALLY HIM. And he left a note. It said, “thanks for the refresh. Keanu.”

When I finally saw him again years later, because of work. I brought it up. Then he air guitar and said, “most excellent. I remember. At Nobu’s. Thanks for the drink.” We chatted a bit and I got an autograph for my mum because she’s a huge Keanu fan. Then that was that.

What a moment.

An angel

And he does a lot of anti human trafficking work iirc. Seems like a really awesome guy.

Back when I first moved to NYC, I got a job as a theater usher. We were all young, 18-20 or so, and it was heavily impressed upon us that we needed to treat the theatergoers with TOTAL respect at ALL times or risk our jobs. As such, we were all totally underprepared for the drunk guy who tried to steal a bottle of wine from the lobby bar during intermission. We were trying to politely get the bottle back, but he was growing loud and belligerent. Since the second act was now starting, this was a countdown to all of us being in trouble. 

Then Keanu walks up. Calmly charms the guy. Slips the usher behind the bar cash to cover the bottle, without the guy even noticing, and walks him back in to his seat like it’s a normal thing he does every day. He didn’t know the guy, didn’t know any of us, but effortlessly deescalated the situation and quite probably saved some jobs that night. 

Just a wandering do-gooder, this man.

Even more anecdotes have been added to this since I last saw it and it’s just.

So good.

What an exceptional person.

June 02 2017

if you're having a bad day




just remember that I, a registered nurse with a bachelors degree, accidentally glued a patient’s foreskin shut over his penis and had to call a urology doctor to come help me get it to retract

I had to send a page that said “I glued the patient’s penis shut. send help.”

The urology resident said, “Wow. I’ve never seen anything like this. Let me go ask someone else.”

It’s been like 5 days since this happened and I’m just sitting at the nurses station with some coworkers and the urology resident walks by and says “hey! Glue any penises shut lately??” And keeps on walking


and so yeah, that freaking doctor exposed me and went on his way

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